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The Pit is set in a world where a zero tolerance justice system sentences all criminals to be thrown down an ancient, dark abyss named The Pit. You are Beatrice and your journey is one through a treacherous and vast space of dangerous tunnels and narrow passages. Beatrice must find her husband, whom was caught practicing sorcery and was, as punishment, sent down The Pit.

In a 2.5D side scrolling (in this case down scrolling) perspective the game takes the player down a maze-like environment. The games core mechanic is centered on a "fall and hover technique" where the player falls down The Pit and by using a hover mechanic he or she can control the speed at which the character is falling, making it easier for the player to evade danger, collect resources or steer the character through complex and dangerous environments.



3D graphics -
Robin Koitzsch, Project inventor
Rick Irvine
Magnus Johansson

2D graphics -
Victoria Teodorsson, Project Manager
Anna Bengtsson

Animation -
Lena Envall, Art Director

Audio -
Adrian van den Broëck - Audio/Music Lead

Music -
Victor Engström
Maria Olsson
Hannes Rehnström

Programming -
Jenny Söderberg - Programming Lead
Rasmus Willén
Johan Lautakoski

Design -
Kasper Hellgren

Game Writers -
Adam Svensson Östlund
Lisabeth Räisänen
Emilia Andersson

Install instructions

Unzip and play! Have fun!


The Pit Game.zip 348 MB